The Best Time to Prune Your Trees

Tree Pruning Specialists Explain

Tree pruning is an important process that should be applied to all mature trees. The dispute about the most appropriate time for that task continues. In this blog post, as a reputable tree company, we will try to explain that matter and put an end to all the existing tree trimming myths.

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Doing that job in the winter is possible. Pruning during dormancy is a common practice done by most professional arborists. If you do that, you will see the effects soon. Your trees will have a burst of new growth in the spring. However, we recommend you do not do it during the coldest part of the season, but at the beginning of the winter. Have in mind that some species may “bleed” when you cut some of their branches, but this is normal and will only be temporary.

You can also consider effective tree trimming in the summer. To provoke the health and the beauty of your tree specimen, you can start doing that soon after the seasonal growth is complete. By reducing the number of the damaged or “dwarf” limbs at that time of the year, you will boost the health and development of the healthy branches. If you are pruning fruit trees, you will decrease the fruit production. Another reason to undertake that job in the summer is that all heavy and broken limbs are easy to notice and easy to remove with the right tools, of course.

Why should you never consider tree pruning in the fall? With all the yard cleanup and raking, many homeowners are likely to begin trimming their trees. Autumn is not an appropriate time for that chore because it can cause stress. They are trying to prepare for the dormant season, and if you start pruning them at that time, you will stimulate new growth. That will severely weaken your plants.

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Whenever you are not sure what maintenance your precious trees need, turn to the specialists from B H L Tree & Land Services llc. We offer commendable and affordable tree services with impeccable final results. To learn more about us and if you live in Palm Bay, FL, you can contact us at (321) 720-4905.

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