How We Work?

We keep your trees in Great shape. We provide the tree services you need in Palm Bay, FL.

1 Your Idea

You tell us your idea.

3 Design & Plan

We will discuss your idea and come up with a design and plan.

5 Support

Our team will keep you abreast of what is being done.

2 Payment

We accept all major credit cards.

4 Process

Each client will receive an estimate for our services with 24 hours after it has been requested.

Delivering Quality Service Is How We Care For Your Property.

When you need a professional tree company, trust the locals who will treat you right. We’re a local, veteran-owned and family-owned business that’s made customer service a priority. We keep our customers coming back by:
Making sure we’re covered-we’re fully licensed and insured
Providing high-quality service-we always provide a job well-done
Knowing how to handle every job-we have over a decade of experience
If you choose us for your tree services, you’ll receive high-quality work while supporting a local business.

Expert Operators

Licensed & Insured

Over 10 Years Experience

Quality & Reliability

Remove Dangerous Branches With Our Tree Trimming Service

If you forego regular tree trimming and care, your trees can become a safety hazard. You need to remove:
Low-hanging branches
Dangerous widow maker branches
Branches overhanging power lines

The last thing you want is a tree branch or broken tree top falling and damaging your home, your car, or yourself. A tree care expert can assess your trees for any risky branches and remove them efficiently. To schedule your tree trimming services, contact us today.

Are overgrown branches threatening your home? Do you want to update your landscape? BHL Tree & Land Services LLC in Palm Bay, FL will take care of your residential or commercial tree care needs. We offer tree planting, transplanting and trimming. To make sure we can reach every branch, we have a variety of lifts and ladders at our disposal.

3 Reasons To Schedule Stump Grinding Services

After your tree removal service, you’ll want to get rid of any remaining stumps. Leaving stumps in your yard can:
1.Create a tripping hazard
2.Decrease your curb appeal
3.Prevent you from planting new trees or grass

Clearing all the stumps from your property lets you design and plant a new landscape. If you need residential or commercial tree removal and stump grinding services, email us now at

Removing any old, damaged or dying trees is a great way to start updating your landscape. Additionally, a professional tree removal service can eliminate any dangerous trees on your property. BHL Tree & Land Services LLC in Palm Bay, FL can remove trees of any size. Our pros can also transplant your trees if you want to keep your trees but rearrange your landscape.

Contact us today for residential or commercial tree removal service.

Land Clearing & Excavation Services

After a hurricane hits, you’re faced with the intense task of cleaning up your property. Our team can help make this process easier by handling the:
Debris hauling
Tree and brush removal

We can break down and remove any downed trees on your property. Once we finish your debris removal, you can start renewing your landscape. Contact us now if you need land clearing and excavation services.

Land clearing is labor-intensive work, but a brilliant new landscape is worth the trouble. Whether you want to remove your old driveway or demolish a run-down shed, you can trust BHL Tree & Land Services LLC in Palm Bay, FL for outstanding results. We offer a wide range of land clearing services and can assist with large-scale jobs like hurricane reclamation. We’re ready to help you clear your property. Schedule your excavation services today.

Hauling Services & Debris Removal

If you had a large tree removal project that has left your lot full of wood and various other debris, you could surely use our quality hauling service. Removing tons of soil or other types of materials yourself without the proper manpower and equipment would be a grueling task that would likely use up days of your time only to produce mixed results. When using a professional service provider like BHL Tree & Land Services, you know that you will be getting a fine and cost-effective service. We have performed this procedure numerous times and know exactly how to do it right. We work with speed and diligence in order to provide you with the swift and thorough results you expect to see.

We have invested well in top-of-the-line specialized vehicles made for this purpose. Our skilled crew is well-equipped with all the tools, gear, and equipment necessary to perform this useful service for you. Using the time-tested techniques, we have obtained through training and years of experience, we will be able to quickly load and haul away the material at hand. We pride ourselves on our trustworthiness and honesty, which is why we provide free estimates to our clients for their peace of mind.

If you have any excess debris or soil you want removed or transported from your property, what you need is the use of a professional hauling service. Here in Palm Bay, FL, the company to turn to is BHL Tree & Land Services LLC. Our company was founded back in 2009 and has since then been providing our community as well as the surrounding areas with quality services. Our skilled teams are hard-working and well-trained experts who have invested years into this line of work. Our prices are quite fair and competitive in the areas we serve. Let us help you clear your land properly!